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1. Using our site

 (1) This website  [] (hereafter, “our site”) is managed and maintained by ECOBURN Co., Ltd. (hereafter, “we, our”).

 (2) It is assumed that the user agrees to these terms when using our site.

 (3) We may change these terms without any prior notice at our own discretion.


2. Prohibited Actions

 (1) The following actions are prohibited when using our site:

  1) Violating or attempting to violate our privacy or the privacy of other users of our site.

  2) Abusing this site to slander or threaten us or other users.

  3) Causing or attempting to cause a disadvantage or harm to us or other users.

  4) Damaging our credibility or the credibility of this website.

  5) Using this site for business purposes or to make a profit.

  6) Violating public decency.

  7) Registering and posting fabricated data.

  8) Impersonating others and registering data.

  9) Crime, criminal purposes or attempts thereof.

  10) Using or providing computer viruses or other harmful programs.

  11) Hindering normal use of our website.

  12) Using our logos or emblems without our express permission.

  13) Reusing photos, images, text, or sounds etc. from this website without our express permission on other websites or print publications.

  14) Performing or attempting to perform illegal activities.

 (2) If we discover that a user is performing any of the above prohibited actions, we will completely delete their account without prior notification. However, we do not take responsibility for constant monitoring of our site.


3. Vehicle Condition, Possible Claims

 ▪  Our professional mechanics thoroughly inspect the vehicles in the ECOBURN stock before any sale. Please see here a sample checklist.

 ▪  In the auction, cars are rated in numbers between 0-6. Rating of 5 or 6 mean close to the condition of a new car. Please note that lots marked “0”, “***”, “現状”, “無効”, or “No Claim” may signify the car is in non-drivable condition and auction house accepts no claim for such after purchase. Please contact us for any query.

 ▪  ECOBURN recommends buying cars rated between 6 and 4.



 ▪  Should you decide to cancel a vehicle won at auction, you must inform ECOBURN within 50 minutes and your paid deposit would not be refunded. In case you wish to put such item up for the re-auction, you will be charged total amount of incurred costs [re-auction fee (JPY 30,000-) + difference between the purchase and sale prices + all other incurred costs (i.e. auction fee, transportation fee etc.)].

 ▪  In case, you wish to cancel a vehicle you have purchased from our stock or by order, your deposit may not be refunded, once your order is confirmed (payment for deposit or full payment shall be deemed as confirmation of the said order).

 ▪  For more detail, please contact us.


5.About payment

 ▪  Please note that we mainly accept payment by telegraphic Transfer; we do not accept web-money / Kiwi / PayPal etc.

 ▪  Our account is held in Japanese Yen, so we recommend you to make payment in Japanese Yen. If you should use other (hard) currency, our bank will automatically convert the payment to Japanese Yen using the bank’s actual exchange rate as of the day of the transaction please note that conversion costs varies by countries. e.g. 1500 Japanese yen will be charged in case of having a transaction from the U.S.

 ▪  A Letter of Credit is also accepted for some countries, please contact us for details.


6. Exceptions

 (1) We take particular care to only post correct and accurate data to this website. However, we do not accept responsibility for incorrect content.

 (2) We do not take responsibility for any damages that arise from the use of our website.


7. Copyright


8. Trademarks


9. Links to Our Site


10. Establishing Links to Our Site


11. Cookies

 1) Managing sessions

 2) Customizing for users’ personal preferences.

 3) Providing advertising and other information tailored to users’ needs


12. Governing Law and Judicial Jurisdiction

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